A Lot of Moving Parts

A research and design studio that creates interactive spatial visualizations of complex systems.



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A Lot of Moving Parts produces 3D experiences for artists, architects, publications, and cultural institutions using research and computational technologies. We deploy spatial representation, data visualization, and software design as a form of critical practice. The studio is led by Seth Thompson.

We are interested in producing new ways of seeing the built environment and new interfaces for displaying spatial data, as instruments for understanding the complexity of the world around us. Our point of departure is the history of the technical image and the ongoing entanglement between our ability to depict space and our capacity to conceptualize it. Tying together these concerns is a belief that the ultimate test of a visualization is its ability to communicate an idea simply and effectively to a broad public audience.

Twelve Earths


Michael Jones McKean & Fathomers
Apr 2023 –
Wth Michael Jones McKean Studio, agustine zegers, and Alex Goss



Twelve Earths is a planetary sculpture initiated by Michael Jones McKean that connects 12 locations around the globe along a single “great circle.” We designed an interactive website to document these locations and their interconnected ideas and objects.

Abrigo do Lagar Velho A rock shelter in central Portugal is the site of a 29,000-year-old burial of an early modern human named the Lapedo child

Cerros Pachón & Tololo Two peaks in the Chilean Andes are home to 17 astronomical telescopes, including one in the Vera C. Rubin Observatory that will see “first light” in 2024



In rendering the natural terrain around each Twelve Earths site, we used two types of geospatial data: a digital elevation model (or DEM) and a satellite base map. The elevation model encodes the elevation of a given point on the Earth’s surface as a high-bit-depth grayscale value. Using pydelatin, we turned the elevation data into triangulated mesh. Then we textured the mesh with a 0.25m ortho­rectified satellite map from the Portuguese National Register for Geographic Information (SNIG).

Red Deer Canines Four red deer canines with perforations were found near the Lapedo child, suggesting that they may have been strung together as pendants in a burial headdress

Simonyi Survey Telescope The SST is an 8.4m optical telescope designed to conduct a 10-year survey of the visible sky that will alter how we see our world and its place in the cosmos

Rubin Observatory Dome The telescope is supported by an altitude over azimuth mount and fixed to a bedrock pier inside the rotating dome enclosure at the top of Cerro Pachón



Paprika! Journal
Jan 2020 – Apr 2022



Paprika! is the often-monthly broadsheet published by the students of the Yale School of Architecture and Yale School of Art. We depicted each new issue in its natural habitat scattered around Rudolph Hall in a series of vibrant paprika-orange renderings.

The Pit The 4th floor atrium of Rudolph Hall features a sunken area for pin-ups and reviews, colloquially referred to as "the pit"

Bush-hammered Concrete Wall The corrugated walls of Rudolph Hall are formed by chipping away at vertical cast-in-place concrete ridges to expose the texture of the concrete aggregate

Hastings Hall In the basement of the building, Hastings Hall gathers students, faculty, and guests for evening lectures

Rear Stairwell The rear stairwell spans 9 stories (7 above ground and 2 below ground) with a vertiginous drop on either side of the landings


UV Compositing

The Rudolph Hall renders are fully dynamic: when a new publication is uploaded to the Kirby CMS backend, a new render is generated instantly, on the server. To achieve this dynamic behavior, we extended the CMS thumbnail system to orchestrate a multi-layer composit­ing operation with Image­Magick, an open-source CLI tool for converting, resizing, and editing raster images (conveniently installed by default on most web servers).

All Light, Expanded


Theo Anthony & MEMORY
Jul 2021 – Dec 2021
With Bhavik Singh, supported by Theo Anthony, Riel Roch-Decter, Sebastian Pardo, and Jonna McKone



All Light, Expanded is an interactive online companion to Theo Anthony’s award-winning film “All Light, Everywhere.” We created a custom interface that allows users to scrub through the film and uncover connections, research and ideas that inspired the documentary.

Interactive Companion The website allows visitors to scrub to a point in the film, read corresponding entries, explore related references, trace a path through the constellation of ideas, and discover external sources to explore further



Yale School of Architecture
Aug 2019 – Feb 2020
With And Or Forever, supported by Daniel Glick-Unterman, Ian Donaldson, and Carr Chadwick



The Garden—Pleasure exhibition at the Yale School of Architecture hosted community art installations, events, and performances. Four projectors mirrored pages from a live website, with aspect ratios to match the gallery walls.

Emergence Projection This exhibition sign corresponded to the season of emergence—the second season of the Egyptian calendar—and featured a changing slideshow of images and meditations on gardens, landscapes, and social experience

Emergence Rendering This corresponding rendering shows the sign in motion with randomized juxtapositions of content from the exhibition website, automated text layout, and subtle chromatic transitions between images



Each of the projected digital signs covered a gallery wall edge-to-edge and displayed the contents of a live page from the exhibition website. The walls varied drastically in size and aspect ratio, including the long wall depicted above (23 ft wide and 5.5 ft tall). In order to align projected image and wall, we created a CSS checker­board pattern on the exhibition website.




Low Tide

A Lot of Moving Parts

A research and design studio that creates interactive spatial visualizations of complex systems.